Meet Thackeray

Formed in 1981, Thackeray is a diversified real estate development firm that specializes in developing and managing commercial properties.

While the company’s portfolio is largely located in Utah, our investments can be seen throughout the West and Hawaii. We have brought over 25 retail, multi-family and hospitality projects to these communities over our nearly 50 year history. For some of our hallmark developments, we are only the second owner, making it an honor and responsibility to understand and to carefully craft the long-term community impact of these projects.

Thackeray Leadership

John R Thackeray
John R. Thackeray
John M Thackeray
John M. Thackeray
John Sawyer
John Sawyer
Mark Issac
Mark Issac
Karen Kay Morgan
Karen Kay Morgan
Cynthia Cobbley
Cynthia Cobbley
Our Guiding Principals
Build Worth

Deliver projects with long-term benefits for our investors, partners, and stakeholders.

Achieve Excellence

High quality projects demand we maintain a culture of precision and transparency.

Grow Community

Aim to help others achieve their full potential through community gifts of service and support.

Reflect on Diversity

Commit to build inclusive communities that serve people of diverse backgrounds and incomes.

Examine Impact

Invest in new ways to operate our business efficiently and to reduce our environmental impact.

Our Guiding Principals

John Thackeray started in commercial real estate while at the J. Reuben Clark Law School on the campus of Brigham Young University. In his first commercial project, Thackeray sought advice from his legal professor and developed one of the first grocery stores at XXX State Street in Provo, Utah.

Acting on instinct and paying close attention to the changing landscape of the West has been an integral part of the Thackeray development process.

The practice continues today, as firm leaders take the time to conduct quick detours through neighborhoods to “just get a feel” for the location and opportunities therein.

Thackeray’s patience and persistence has helped to shape the future of some of Utah’s most iconic commercial destinations, from multi-family at the former Snelgrove’s Ice Cream in Sugar House to emerging regional economic destinations in Oregon and Idaho.

Committed to the Social Good

Our charitable giving aims to help others achieve their full potential. Each of our projects has a unique focus that ties into the heritage of the project.